Common business locksmith services we specialize in:

  • Lock Out – You are locked out of your office, storefront, warehouse or room and need help unlocking the door.
  • Lock Rekey – Render the old key useless and have a new key to work for your locks for security reasons.
  • Master Key System – Create a hierarchy of keys so that some people have greater access to locks than others.
  • Lock Repair – A lock, panic bar, handle or other hardware stops working or needs maintenance.
  • Lock Replacement – Old hardware is replace with new for higher security or greater ease of use.
  • Installation – Fresh installation of lock or security hardware to upgrade your business or bring into compliance.
  • Security Upgrade – High security and keypad locks as well as master key systems can improve security.
  • Miscellaneous Lock Out – Safes, file cabinets, desks and other locked items can be unlocked.

A professional locksmith can be a business owner’s best friend. Our expertise and quick response means we can handle a full range of commercial lock and key needs on your schedule. Your Keys to the City Locksmith is an excellent choice to call upon when your business’ needs arise.

Full Service Portland Business Locksmith

Just about every business with a physical space can use the help of a professional commercial locksmith at some point. Critical times can include having the locks changed when first moving into a new office, store front or work space, as well as when there is a change in management. Also vital is to have someone to call on when you get locked out or a lock stops working and it is holding up the operation of the business. Another way a locksmith can be of critical help is adding measures of security to protect your commercial space. Keys to the City Locksmith gets business back rolling and keeps it going with confidence.


Aside from rekeying locks, a commercial locksmith can create a master key system for multiple locks in your facility. This entails keys the locks in such a way that more than one key can work for each one. This allows there to be select doors available to certain users, while a manager can use their master key to enter all doors.

A common concern and issue for many businesses with street facing exterior doors is break-ins. Having a locksmith install security hardware like latch protectors, shields and astragals can prevent even the most practiced thief from gaining entry.

The locks of your business are the first and most effective line of defense. Many standard locks out there are quite easy to overcome by picking or other means. There are however some very high quality high security locks available of such sophisticated design as to prevent almost any sort of attack. A good commercial locksmith like Keys to the City has access to this specialty hardware and the know how to install it properly.

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