Common home locksmith services we specialize in:

  • Lock Out – You are locked out of your house, condo, apartment or room and need help getting back in.
  • Lock Rekey – Change the key that works for your locks when moving in or to restore security.
  • Lock Repair – A lock or knob becomes damaged, jammed, loose, or just doesn’t work as it should.
  • Lock Replacement – You would like to have your door hardware replaced with new hardware.
  • Installation – Brand new lock or knob installation in a location that did not have one before.
  • Security Upgrade – Have high security, high tech, keypad or wireless enabled locks installed and programmed.
  • Miscellaneous Lock Out – Safe, file cabinet, desk, garage door, or anything with a lock!

When you choose an experienced and trustworthy residential locksmith like Keys to the City Locksmith, you can know for a fact that your security is being treated with the greatest seriousness. Whether your need is urgent or a project you plan, we ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with the results before we call our job done.

Full Service Portland Home Locksmith Expert

A quality residential locksmith knows the ins and outs of locks so that they can approach any type of lock, from any era or year, and know intuitively how to fix it. The good home locksmith will also be knowledgeable in the many grades and features available for new lock and security hardware to help make the ideal selection when you’re looking to replace or upgrade what you currently have. And finally, the residential locksmith that you want on your side will know how to handle any type of emergency lock situation with expertise, calm and efficiency. Keys to the City Locksmith home technicians exemplify all of these qualities. When your home locks need attention of any kind, you will find quality and peace of mind leaving them in the hands of a Keys to the City Locksmith.


It can be a new experience to call a professional locksmith to your home to service your locks or help you when you are locked out. When you seek the high quality services of Keys to the City Locksmith, here is how you can expect things to work:

  • You place a call to us and describe the issue at hand and provide your address.
  • We leave to come out to you right away, or if you prefer set an appointment that works best for you.
  • We arrive promptly on site with you and assess the exact needs of the situation and formulate a plan on how to proceed.
  • We ask for identification, then explain all aspects of the service we will be performing and any possible contingencies or alternatives.
  • We also go over all pricing with you and get your OK prior to performing any work. There are no added charges after the fact. You will always know the cost before we begin working.
  • We get down to business to solve the problem, whether a lock out, repair or any other home locksmith service.
  • Only once completed do we accept payment, which can be in the form of cash or debit or credit card, and provide a receipt.
  • We say our farewell and leave you to your day, hopefully with a smile on your face!
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