A Female Locksmith to Come to Your Aid

You Deserve a Locksmith You Can Feel Truly Comfortable With

Just as there are as many unique scenarios that require calling a locksmith as there are people, there are just as many good reasons why a female locksmith might be the ideal choice for you. We are very few and far between in the world, but here in Portland you do have that resource available to you. When you call Keys to the City Locksmith you will talk to and be served by the same person – Alex.

A Little About Alex:

Born in Vancouver, Washington and raised in Tigard and Portland, she attended PCC and Portland State and got started in locksmith in 2014. Out of the desire for independence and to run a locksmith business with the highest standards possible, she started Keys to the City in 2018. She is described as kind, gentle, intelligent, capable, calm in challenging situations, and able to put others quickly at ease. There are many wonderful people working as locksmiths in Portland but you would be hard pressed to find another with this specific set of qualities matched with the level of expertise that Alex has, let alone the fact that she is female.

Feel Safe and Put Yourself at Ease

Calling a locksmith usually means waiting for a stranger to arrive at your home or car to help you in a situation where you may be vulnerable. It is easy to feel uneasy in a situation like this. Now that you have found Keys to the City, you don’t have to feel that nervousness. You now know that not only will the person who arrives treat you with kindness and respect in all aspects, but they will be a female locksmith. You don’t need any special reason to prefer a woman locksmith. If you think a female locksmith will make you feel more safe and more at ease, that is reason enough.


Keys to the City Locksmith ensures the safety and security of our customers in every way possible. We have the license, certification, insurance and bonding required to operate a fully professional locksmith company. Each and every aspect of our business is based around legitimacy and quality.

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